Buying cookware: stainless steel pans

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1 What is stainless steel?
2 Healthy cook with stainless steel pots and pans?
3 Pros and cons of stainless steel cookware
4 Cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel pans
5 The best stainless steel pans

Stainless steel pans are one of the most desirable alternative if we want to buy a nonstick pan made of teflon or ceramic. A stainless steel pan has its own advantages and disadvantages compared to other types of pans, so it is essential to know how to cook them, what to cook, what tools can be used to clean. It is especially important to maintain and cook to give them the best condition in the kitchen over time. In this article, we will provide you with some informations to make a good purchase.

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is an alloy steel (iron + carbon). Chromium are added to other metals such as molybdenum or nickel in various proportions to make different types of stainless steel.

It is highly resistant to corrosion due to the metals with which it is alloyed. You are able to create a layer which gives it that quality of being stainless. However, this layer can be affected when it is in contact with certain acids. In that case, the iron (one of the component of stainless steel) could be oxidized, resulting in strange taste and smell in food.

Cookware are made with the 18/10 ratio (18 parts of nickel and 10 of chrome). Stainless steel is the highest quality steel.

Is it healthy when cooking with pots and pans made of stainless steel?

Generally, stainless steel is quite stable when in contact with food. It means that it will not release harmful substances while cooking.

Unless you have allergy to any of the components, stainless steel is completely healthy, but you should not scratch it with a metal utensil while cooking or wash it with an abrasive pad.

Advantages and disadvantages of cookware stainless steel

Stainless steel pots and pans have a lot of advantages over other cookware made of other materials:

  • They are easy to clean and tend to be quite resilient.
  • If we care and use properly, they will last for life.
  • It is healthy both for us and for the environment. Therefore it is a good alternative to other less environmentally friendly options such as Teflon (PTFE).

Stainless steel also has some disadvantages:

  • It is not a good conductor of heat, so you will need more energy to heat the pan and heat is not well distributed. For this reason, many stainless steel pans diffusers are combined with other metals which are good conductors (copper or aluminum).
  • The high price may be another disadvantage of stainless steel. Unlike other materials which are amortized with regular use, stainless steel pots and pans actually are inexpensive because they can last for a long time in our kitchen.
  • The biggest handicap to use stainless steel in the kitchen is that foods stick to the surface of the pans. It is true that, compared to other options pans with non-stick coating, stainless steel pan requires certain skills to use it properly.
  • Basically you have to prepare the pan before using it for the first time (curing) and preheat each time it is used.

Cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel pans

  • These pans are easy to clean with just a little mild soap and a little hot water.
  • Use non-abrasive pads (this applies to any pan) and they will not scratch the pan.
  • Dry it with a cloth so that you maintain the quality of the pan for many years.
  • When cooking, do not use metal instruments to cause damage to the surface and try not to leave food debris in the pan that will cost a lot more work to remove them.
  • Do not cook meal containing food that include acidic as vinegar or tomato sauces in the pan as we know that the acid is harmful to stainless steel.

The best stainless steel pans

There are several manufacturers that stand out for the quality of its stainless steel pans. The most popular is German WFM which offer many models that can be applied to all types of cookers, including induction. They are ideal if you are using a high heat cooking.

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