What you should know about pots and pans rack

Choose pots and pans rack that fit in your kitchen

Over the years, you collect a lot of pots and pans, or at least I did. It seems like I have a huge collection of all kind of pan and pot. I also have almost a separate pan for each preparation. A fish kettle of fish, an asparagus pot of asparagus, a tajine for all my tagine dishes and so on.

Where do I put all my pots? This is a huge question. My household seem to get smaller, it may be due to the increasing number of family members and also all kind of cookware! So I have to put away few of my pans? No way, although my pan drawers are overflowing. I love my kitchen in the way I have organized it so I had thought about hanging all my pot and pans on a rack above my kitchen counter top.

What is for sale in pot and pan racks? It makes me confuse with a wide rang of choice. Luckily, a lot of racks in various styles can fit in my kitchen. Of course, that is just not what I was looking for. I searched for a pot and pan rack where many pans can hang on and also fits the length of my counter top (2 meters). After a long search, I started to rummage in a lot of kitchen specialists store.

In Eureka, I found a wooden drying rack bent just like what I bought at IKEA years ago. After all, i opted for the purchased of a meat hook (IKEA). Now I have created a lot of space for all my pans. You can also surf on the Internet for an online purchase (the range is sometimes even wider than which in the physical shop but the quality must be checked probaly)

How to hang pots and pans on a ceiling island with a pot rack

A pot rack is a metal rack that is hung from the ceiling on which you can suspend your pots and pans instead of storing them in your kitchen cabinets. Almost all the pots and pans have a hole in the handle which is designed to accommodate a hook through the handle to hang the pot or pan. When hanging pots and pans on a pot rack, it is important to save evenly space.

• Place a stool beneath the pot and pan rack if you can not reach the rack.

• Place the hooks on the rack. If extra brackets are required, attach large S-hooks, which are available at your local hardware store.

• Take the pot or pan that you would want to hang off the bottom, with the handle up. Insert the hook through the hole on the handle and the pot or pan loosely, allowing it to dangle. Repeat this process for each pot and pan which you might want to hang.

• Place pots and pans evenly around the circumference of the pot rack so that the weight is balanced.

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