Tips to buy grind and brew coffee maker

Recently, the grind and brew coffee maker has become more popular despite many other types of machines such as espresso machines or coffee capsules.

It is not surprising, since the grind and brew coffee maker is not only practical in daily life at home and in the office but also reaches high marks on many tests. You can make many cups of coffee and keep warm for several hours.

Thanks to innovative drip and numerous other extra techniques, it is very convenient to use. Last but not least, the coffee experts and baristas claim that there is special and complex flavor that results from the classic way to make coffee with a grind and brew coffee maker.

The grind and brew coffee maker

For decades, they are found in almost every home in Spain. The first devices were adapted to the classic hand strainers made of ceramic or plastic, where the boiling water is gradually poured into the filter with ground coffee. The finished coffee drip into a glass jar.

Thus brewing today is of course very popular. But in the last ten years, it has changed a lot. The coffee industry has developed such a simple machine to make things much more convenient and comfortable.

There are new methods of coffee production and the most common is coffee grinder to grind coffee beans just before brewing. Although simple coffee can be purchased for about 20 Euros, the most complete and luxury versions cost from 40 Euros to 100 Euros.

The grind and brew coffee makers is the combination of previous coffee grinders and brewer.

The differences between the grind and brew coffee makers and the conventional one

Advanced technology gives us freshly brewed coffee. Simple coffee machines 20 years ago boil and drip water onto the ground coffee. This method works well, but the disadvantage is that the water is cooled quickly during the process. The grind and brew coffee makers work with higher quality.

Here the boiling water is contained and spouted. A retainer opens as soon as the optimum amount of water is heated. The water is then poured into a jet of coffee. These machines mimic exactly the process of making coffee filter by hand. The advantage is that you can enter a larger amount of water with the coffee and thus the water does not cool quickly and flavors can develop better.

Coffeemaker with mill

Coffee lovers know that some of their flavors are lost soon after grinding the beans. Once the ground coffee come into contact with oxygen, the components begin to oxidize. Therefore, the baristas always grind your coffee just before preparation. So this new coffee maker with grinder greatly facilitate the task and save on cost to buy a separate grinder, grains are stored in the filter. When buying a coffeemaker with integrated grinder, make sure you are able to adjust the grind yourself.

Tips for buying best grind and brew coffee maker at a glance

  • Drip Function: What you should have in your new coffee machine is a “Drip function.” This prevents once the coffee is ready or pitcher, no more water drips on the hot plate.
  • Adjustable coffee strength function: The most demanding coffee lovers opt for a coffee maker with this, because the smell of coffee is developed better with this method.
  • With or without grinder: Coffee connoisseurs insist on taking the coffee made from freshly ground beans. If you have no coffee grinder, buying a coffee machine with integrated grinder is worth considering.
  • Filter: stainless steel filters can be used without paper filter, but it should be cleaned thoroughly every day. Many consumers prefer practical and hygienic method with the classic paper filter.
  • Integrated water filter: A water filter is required only if the tap water in your area is very hard. Buy a coffee maker with water filter having no supply of soft water does not make much sense because the water filters can also bring health problems, and cause additional expenses for regular updates.
  • Thermos or glass jar: Coffee machines with thermos are practical but also more expensive. The choice between the two options depends on your own preferences and usage habits.
  • Aroma selector: Do not buy a grind and brew coffee machine without this additional feature, because with the aroma selector can influence the strength and flavor of the coffee.
  • Timer: It is very convenient

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