Tips for meat wrapper and vegetable cutter

How to pack the leftover foods with meat wrapper?

The meat wrapper extends the life of meat between 3 and 5 times more than traditional conservation methods. Of course, the fresher the product is packaged, the longer the life without losing its original properties. For proper freezing, food must be protected from damage caused by the cold, potential pathogens and cross-contamination.

Therefore, we want to facilitate you some tips to help you run a packaged optimal.

1. Irregularly shaped products, such as some meats, and fish and vegetables, is packaged better by being wrapped in plastic or aluminum film. Thus, no air pockets or voids are created between the bag and the food.

2. If the food that will be packaged has sharp corners such as fish, or meat, we recommend covering the corners with foil to prevent pricking bag .

3. If we packaged and freeze a soft meat such as fish and beef, it is preferable to insert it inside the bag two hours before it is put into the freezer (still without evacuating ). That will prevent the product from being crushed.

4. If we use the meat wrapper to pack foods that are at risk of collapse as sandwiches, pastries, cakes … we have to make the packaging with manual option of the machine, as we can see, it has been sufficient vacuum, and directly activate the seal .

5. When packing food of liquid sauces, we advise you to do it in containers . Still and all, it can also be performed in bags . If you want to do it this way, you just have to enter the pan containing the food in the freezer a few hours and then make the packaging standard. So, we avoid any liquid to the vacuum pump, which is the great enemy of the packaging machine.

6. It is recommended that the food which you are going to be packaged are at room temperature to avoid running the risk that bacteria are created.

7. We recommend labeling the products to calculate how long they are in the fridge or freezer.

8. Finally, if we are packing a defrost product ( vacuum packed or not), always do it in the refrigerator , not at room temperature to prevent bacterial growth.


Here we leave a few tips to keep your vegetable slicer in optimal conditions for the operation and safety of use.

First and most important thing before buying is make a study of what you need. There are lots of different prices and models of cutters and each can serve for specific needs, as there are for home, semi-professional and professional. So take your time before making the purchase.

Before using, make sure the blade is sharp to ensure optimum thickness for the food you want to cut, please note that if you are going to cut soft food, such as cheese, a thicker greater effort of the machine will be required. If the blade is not sharp and you will have to sharpen by hand, it is advisable to unplug the machine. Some models come with a sharpening stones. We recommend that if your budget allows, you can acquire one of these.

Always make sure that the safety switch is working properly. This switch only puts the machine on running if there is a food in the container, so if there is no food, but you press the power button, it will not start. This point is very important because it can avoid accidents, especially when you’re cleaning the machine.Always keep it out of reach of children.

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