Redecorate your kitchen: Replaced or repaint kitchen cabinet doors

A beautiful new kitchen can also be possible with a shoestring budget by placing the replacement of kitchen cabinet doors or painting or refinishing kitchen cabinets which is a real kitchen renovation. Renovating your kitchen by replacing the doors of the kitchen cabinet or a coat of paint for the kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen a whole different look, and you create a successful kitchen renovation!

If you are fed up with your current kitchen, it is a nice challenge to give your kitchen a real facelift with little money nevertheless. Replacing your kitchen cabinet doors by placing new faceplates or painting the kitchen cabinets makes a big difference. And let’s be honest, it is not satisfactory when you have a small budget you have managed to give the kitchen a different look? You can really make your kitchen like new.

Kitchen cabinet doors replacement

You can replace the kitchen cabinet doors by placing new face plates. On certain brands of kitchens specialists, kitchen cabinet doors can be replaced only if the height and width are matched. In terms of kitchen doors, there are many options: gloss, matt, wood finishes and wood and all colors. If you choose to renovate your kitchen by replacing the doors of the kitchen cabinets, you should have a professional to come home and take samples. It is important that you can really see how the color and the material is and how it happens in your own kitchen at your kitchen cabinets. How much difference kitchen renovation can be made by placing new face plates can be viewed on many websites of kitchen tools specialists. You can see that replacing kitchen cabinet doors makes an enormous difference and give the kitchen a completely different appearance. Please note when renovating your kitchen that the dimensions varies for each brand. Kitchen cabinets in older kitchens often have another dimension. Ask if the provider carries out the kitchen cabinet doors customization and let them make an exact quote so you are not afterward shocked by the price of renovating your kitchen. Face plates without hinge holes, which are then loose, on the kitchen cabinet doors can be provided by any kitchen brand. It is easy for these hedges at the correct height in the kitchen cupboards. Be caution for drawer systems. In recent years, the attachment of the drawer at the front changed greatly, and this is not easy to install it by yourself. So it is wise to leave it there and have a mechanic look at it. Price of kitchen cabinet door renovation of facades costs an average of 200 euros per m2.

Kitchen cabinet doors paints

When you find it scary to repaint kitchen cabinet doors by yourself, you can consider to spray on them. That way is easier for you to renovate your kitchen cabinets doors at home on your own.

If the kitchen cabinets film is loose, this is not a problem. The film is vented and the kitchen cabinets can get a new primer layer. The cabinets are usually ready to use within 10 days. Paint the kitchen cabinet doors for a successful kitchen renovation on your own is not difficult. However, you must follow the right steps so that the paint on the kitchen doors are tight and stays for long. For sanding, first degrease the kitchen cabinet doors with a good degreaser. Then treat it with a good primer. Inquire at the hardware store which is a good primer for the material of the kitchen cabinet doors. Painting the kitchen cabinet doors can not do with a brush, but with a small roller. Interior stickers are fun to use in the kitchen cabinet doors. You create a totally different look by using these stickers, a cherry on whipped cream on the kitchen cabinets is beautiful in the new color. On the Internet, there are plenty of trendy stickers to order and view. Keep in mind there is that the kitchen cabinet doors are not suitable to stick a sticker on. Still, it is worth trying. Do you want to completely finish the kitchen renovation? You can except dyeing or painting the kitchen cabinets doors or installing new fronts in the kitchen doors or replacing the top and the handles

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