Tips for buying cookware

During your student days you only need a small pan to prepare a meal for yourself. This time is really over and you would like to cook elaborately. This is not only because food is a basic need, but their production is almost as much fun as eating. Therefore, there should be some more time invested in cooking. To ensure that these dishes work out perfectly, good pots, pans and other cookware are necessary.

Eyes open when buying

Saucepan is not just a pan. Real cooking enthusiasts do not immediately look at the price when buying saucepans. Good quality lasts for years and can therefore reduce also more cost. In addition, a good preparation is very important. Do not go so briefly to buy a pan, but think about exactly what type you need. Because you will find that there are so many different pans are available: saucepans, frying pans, pressure cookers and so on.

A pan design almost as important as the quality. Cookware can be made from different materials. Stainless steel requires little maintenance and is fairly light. It is also suitable for all types of hobs including induction. Copper conducts heat very well, so the cooking of a dish is shorter. These pans can be used on all types of furnaces. Enameled cast iron sets score once again in terms of heat insulation. The food stays hot for longer, and during the cooking, you also save energy. These last two candidates are the best choice for cooking on induction and sensor cooking.

Pans with non-stick coating are easy to clean, but are less suitable for cooking on induction. Induction is a relatively new technique in which a magnetic field of a stove warms rapidly. If you are wondering whether your pan is suitable for induction, you can go to the store and ask the seller and have it tested with a magnet. Stainless steel and aluminum are naturally non-magnetic and are magnetized by the manufacturer, so that the material can be used on induction stoves. Nowadays almost all pans have a base suitable for induction. Tip: before buying a saucepan, ask for the advice of the manufacturer, so you know which sources of heat can be cooked with the pan.

The handle

Stainless steel has the advantage that it conducts heat poorly. This may sound contradictory, but it is correct. Handles of this material does not get very hot during cooking, so you can not heat quickly therefore. Pans of this material indeed may be put in the oven and the dishwasher. Handles made of plastic, which can be included in a furnace to 240 ° C, are also ideal. If you frequently wash them in the dishwasher, they unfortunately become dingy and brittle. Be caution with cast iron pans, because if you do not use potholders, you will burn your fingers. Ouch!

The lid

A perfect sealing lid has a great influence on the cooking time, the energy consumption and the nutritional value of your dishes. Lids are usually made of metal. If they do not close properly and lie loose on the pan, heat will escape, and so does steam and vitamins. By tightly sealed, lids with a deep edge can continue to circulate steam in the pan so that vitamins and nutrients are retained.

Glass lids are very popular. Many advantageous embodiment have a small opening in the glass, through which steam can escape from the pan. Flexible silicone lids are convenient and unbreakable, but just like ordinary metal lids, they release more steam.

Beware! The screw in an inexpensive lid is often not stainless. If you put a lid in the dishwasher, it may get rust on other objects.

Cooking in a pressure cooker saves time and therefore also energy. However, the food is heated briefly, so that it loses less flavor and vitamins. Your guests do not have to wait because the food is soon on the table. In a pressure cooker, there is a very high pressure, so that a temperature of 120 ° C can be achieved. Pressure cookers are particularly suited for steaming and boiling vegetables or cooking meat.

The frying pan

Various materials are suitable for frying. Aluminium is very light and heat conductive. Most pans of this material have an additional layer of teflon. Unfortunately food burns quickly in these materials and you need a lot of oil or fat. Cast iron pans are very heavy and difficult to clean.


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