A way of getting healthier without getting rid of your craving for fried food

Fried chicken, deep-fried fish, potato chips, bake are of course the favorite items in most individual’s menu. It cannot be denied that enjoying those food give people a great source of pleasure, especially with the loving ones including friends, spouse or family. However, it is not always a feeling of satisfaction for man to treat themselves to a serve of fried and greasy food, simply due to a number of their drawbacks.

As a matter of fact, fried food can contain a massive source of fat, calories that can be a challenge to burn. In addition, an excessive amount of oil or fat in the bodies can result to high cholesterol status or even the so-called hyperlipidemia, which can be a threat to people’s health.

As an outlet for that issue, it is of much convenience to make a purchase of an air fryer, a kitchenware that is getting more and more common for the time being.


So, what is exactly an air fryer?

Air fryer is an out of oil cooking tool. It is usually operated by electricity, hence make a good cut down of noise and fire. In general, an air fryer comes with the body (the one contains ingredients), a lid above it and a setting of wires to get the energy.

Air fryer has many advantage over the traditional frying pan.

As apposed to the conventional ways of frying, the use of an air fryer is obviously a perfect alternative.

Up to now, people have experienced a very common way is that pouring oil onto the hot pan and putting food into the oil so that they are soaked up in an unhealthy quantity of  fat. The oil mess can be massive as it typically splatters during the cooking process. Therefore, it can bring, and sometimes increase the fat and calories in the content of the food.

Besides, the pans for home using can usually contains a medium amount of ingredients only (if the pan’s capacity is really great, it must be very heavy). Thus, users have to separate the ingredients and cook several repeating times occasionally, which is both time and energy consuming.

Furthermore, fried food made in the common used way can have a big shortcoming. It is that, while the piece of food, meat, or fish for instance, has a very appetizing and crispy look but the inside is totally dry and sometimes too hard to bite.

Another disadvantage of the frying pan is that it comes with a wide range of things including chopsticks, forks, dishes, oil, to name just a few, hence it can create excessive mess and sometimes make the users reluctant to clean.

In addition to those minus, this traditional way also poses some threat to the home living.

The cooking process is in need of fire, so it is unavoidable for man to catch the heat and get the swollen or even burned skin because of the popping and exploding oil.

Nowadays, gas cooker is used as a regular kitchenware. It is also the reason for the rise in the number and injuring level of home accidents.

An air fryer can bring the user a many good of benefits

Meanwhile, the ones who own an air fryer can fry-air-philips1take everything easier than ever. They can make a big amount of food (sometime for a whole home party right in once time operating the machine),which can not only save time but give their friends or families a wide range of well – done serves as well.

What is more, the air fryer, according to some studies, can cut down up to eighty percent in the amount of fat enclosed. Because of the special setting of the fryer, its capacity can be over 2 pounds (around one kilogram meat), together with the closing lid and the productive machine, it can reach the heat at most to more than one hundred celcius degree, thus the time cooking time can be even half less than the one for the frying pan.

On the other hand, the quality of food from the air fryer is completely different to that in the pan. In the fryer, food is hardly ever greasy since the oil comes directly from the meat. Therefore, people can enjoy delicious deep fried food but still soft, not too hard or too dry as using the pan.

After cooking, it goes without saying that disposing the left oil is relatively a daunting task. The heavy pan, the disgusting oil, both of them need a much careful cleanup. In addition to that, the appliance for frying and the gas cooker sometimes get dry in a very long time, which can be a nuisance to the users. With an air fryer, everything can come to a solution. All of its parts are generally removable and portable, so it is every easy to be cleansed. Besides, they are safe for the dishwasher as well, which can help people save a noticeable amount of time and energy for the cleanup, making it a breeze also.

Using an air fryer in the cooking process can be a safer answer to the domestic live. When using the pan to fry, it is undeniable that the fire need making, the gas need releasing and of course the heat and smell need discharging. In effect, the heat and smell contain oil from the kitchen can do harm to the furniture, especially the mental ones.

When it comes to the air fryer, all of the above is not the issue anymore since it doesnot require any gram of oil to produce food with a fried consistency, which makes the kitchen more secure. Moreover, with the frying pan, cooks have to standstill at the cooker to turn the food so that it will not be overcooked, too dry, too hard or too burned and the ncome out of the kitchen with a fill of sweat.

When you choose a best air fry for your family, it is on the shift, they can let the fryer alone and go around, sometimes can do other household chores before get the food out and lay them onto the dining table. In case man are up to their necks, they can also turn on the timer mode. Once finishing the cooking task in the required time, the fryer still keeps the food hot and delicious without any care.

Last but not least, not only frying, an air fryer can give user a hand in dealing with a number of other tasks such as grilling and roasting as well. Therefore, making cupcakes, pancakes, muffins or roast chicken can be seen as a piece of cake nowadays.

In conclusion, an air fryer deserves to be a staple in every modern kitchen for the aforementioned reasons.

Hello everyone. My name is Christina Thomas, who has a lot of experience in terms of working as a chef for the prestigious hotels around the world.

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