Some feature when choosing a kettle for your family

Like any other household products, to choose to buy a good kettle, you often rely on brand reputation, reasonable prices, a strong one … hope that the following tips will help you buy yourself a super-speed kettle well:


And you should consider the heat water with electric kettle that fit the needs of the family.


  • Power

Warm water heaters often have great capacity, from 600 to 2500 Watt, warm kind helps users quickly with boiling water. The greater capacity, speed as quickly boil water.

The kettle with capacity 2.000W, 1.8 liters of water is boiled at 100 degrees C only takes about 3 minutes,

With high-speed kettle capacity is 1,000 W cook longer time is 7 minutes, but the most valuable type of software than 200oW.

  • Capacity

Depending on the needs of daily use that you should choose Kettle with appropriate capacity. Usually warm with a capacity ranging from 0.8L to 1.7L. If you’re a student living alone, unmarried, these warm small volume 0.8L – 1.2L power saving, space saving lives, even easy to move anymore.

If you’re living with a family, or a housewife Vera is the warmth of large capacity 1.5L – 1.7L is the best choice for your family, note that choosing the high-capacity heaters can Thermostats are long to the other members of the family need not need to boil hot water again but still have to take.

  • Noise

Most of the kettle are noise but not too big. This is also a signal for water was boiled and ready to use, because then you do not hear the noise again.


  • Power saving

Large capacity helps boil water quickly, save time, save energy. You should also note how much water is needed sufficient water heaters, avoid wasting water but also consuming more power. Also, consider purchasing the brand reputation for quality and will ensure the reliability of the pitcher.

  • Materia

Kettle shell usually made of two kinds of material is thermoplastic and metal. Casing made of metal (stainless steel) heat-resistant shiny, repellent and easy to clean residue. Senior plastic shell good insulation, if you have little, you should buy high-speed kettle with plastic instead of metal easily cause burns.

Warm body often do the same with shell material, but plastic kettle with an extra layer of warm body inside a stainless steel will help boil water much quicker.

  • Weight

Texture and weight of a high-speed kettle greatly determine the quality of the pitcher. A warm compact is a better option is a heavy and bulky warm but covers much more.

  • Imperial power

You must note sure the wire source, sole and body of the jar tightly or loosely hinged. With time of use, quality and high level of safety can not lead to the resin was elastic, open-line or products susceptible to short-circuiting. And with a Kettle with separate wire is not a bad idea, right? This feature will avoid entanglement when moving and easy to store.

  • Handle

Handles are definitely not, not insulated, with a warm body attached to it? Make sure the handle is sure to easily move without fear of inadvertently lost his grasp dangerous room for yourself offline.

And of course, if you need to know the exact amount of water to mix baby powder, or cooking, the water level on an existing table Kettle body is essential.


  • Save power

For kettle, you must regularly clean sanitary not warm to warm hearts The studio production lot residue, rust.

Avoid water heaters or room air conditioner to warm before the fan airflow. When boiling water just to cover tight lid so fast boiling water and electricity is switched off at sufficient temperature 1000C.

Buy the bottle warm slippery intestine instead of the warm resin droplets ridges rough as sand which is a factor affecting the rate of heating and boiling Kettle

Should we buy the Kettle of a capacity suited to the needs of the family to not boil water several times a day.

  • Choosing to buy suitable kettle for families

Only use the kettle to heat water superfast not for food or spices in warm, not boiling milk or milk stored in Kettle.

Taking advantage of warm water to boil more for full power plug that makes the wheels of warming temperatures lead to a warm fire in a very short time. If you require more modules, you wait for electricity to cool tray and choose for themselves a more appropriate power plug.

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