8 breakfast dishes of Hanoi the expatriates always remember

8 breakfast dishes of Hanoi the expatriates always remember

No matter where you go, you can enjoy a Hanoi style food, you surely have breakfast at the Old Quarter corner you will miss these kinds of dishes.

Vietnamese noodle soup with snail

Hanoi is located in many lakes around so from the old days, fish and small snails become the simple dishes of locals, especially Vietnamese noodle soup with snail. When the years come through, the dish which seems to be nothing unique becomes “the art of Hanoi people’s food” (according to “Mieng ngon Hanoi”, Vu Bang writer).



It is not exaggerating to say that Vietnamese noodle soup with snail is a colorful picture with the read of tomato, yellow of pepper, the white of noodle, and the yellow and black of clean snails and the green of many kinds of herbs. The color and taste of this dish always make expatriates sobbing.

Vietnamese noodle soup with crab roe

Simply as noodle soup with snail, Vietnamese noodle soup with crab roe is just a kind of cheap breakfast, but becomes the favorite dish of many local people or the expatriates coming back to Vietnam. The main ingredients including crab roe, shrimp paste and vinegar and others like tomato and herbs make are also enough to make Vietnamese noodle soup with crab extremely delicious to enjoy.


Nowadays, Vietnamese noodle soup with crab roe are added with other ingredients like pork roll, deep fried tofu and beef. All are nutritious enough for your breakfast. One way or another, the taste of noodle soup with crab cannot be blended with other dishes.
For a bowl of this tasty dish, tourists can find at any Streets of Hanoi, noticeably Bat Dan noodle soup with crab or Nguyen Sieu noodle soup with crab.

Noodle soup with pork and fried eggs

Also a kind of traditional noodle soup in Hanoi but unlike noodle soup with snail or crab, the taste of hot rice noodle soup with pork and fried eggs is something very gracious we need to gradually feel while eating. It is not too spicy or too sour like two above kinds of dishes.

Why is its taste so different? Because just once eating this soup, you will feel the subtle feature in cooking to have a bowl of delicious and eye-catchy soup. Maybe because of the complicated way to cook this soup, in the past, we just have chance to enjoy it in Lunar New Year or ancestors’ death anniversaries.


To enjoy an authentic noodle soup with pork and fried eggs for breakfast in Hanoi, you can go to Hang Trong Street, Cau Go Street or Hang Luoc Street. Or in another way, you can learn how to cook this dish so that you can cook for your family and friends. If you want but you do not know the recipe, and you’re curious about ingredients, taste of local food, we suggest Hanoi cooking class can meet your interest, join this culinary adventures you get to practice cooking with the famous chef Mrs Hang. She is excellent at cooking Vietnamese food. Don’t miss that.

Vietnamese noodle soup

When talking about the specialty of Hanoi, you cannot miss the rice noodle soup including rice noodle soup with beef or chicken. This kind of breakfast dish becomes so familiar to any people living in Hanoi in particular and in other provinces generally. Everyone, from the young to the elder, used to eat the soup at least one time.



At any Streets in Hanoi, you can find a restaurant or street food stalls selling rice noodle soup with the easily recognized ingredients like beef, chicken, aromatic broth and spring onions. Delicious chicken noodle soup is on Hang Dieu Street, Hang Hom Street, Yen Ninh and Quan Thanh. For beef noodle soup, you can find on Lo Duc and Phung Hung Street.

Now you’re curious about how to cook these dishes, don’t hesitate to contact the lady Mrs Hang at a cooking class in Hanoi to find any recipes for noodle soup to cook and enjoy.

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