About Me

Sydney’s Kitchen is a daily food journal of the food i eat. My goal is to never repeat the same recipe twice. Unless, of course, i feel it can be done better or completely differently a second time around.

I do not have any formal training in the art of baking. I am a completely self-taught baker. Everything that I create is made with passion, determination, and most importantly love.

Our aim is to demonstrate to people how easy it is to get back to the way things were. You know when making a meal was an event not a chore. There are so many ways that you can make home cooked meals from scratch with real ingredients in a fair amount of time and that’s what we want to do is show and share with you how.

Basically, I love the kitchen. I love cooking, baking, creating, decorating and just puttering. I really like paying attention to fine details, it allows me to shut off the other part of my brain that drives me nuts with all my thoughts. I guess the kitchen is in part a release for me and a hiding spot.